This Dry Powder Aerosol Generator is a pneumatic driven device that can be operated in continuous or single puff configurations. A slide bar is actuated into fill, load and dispersion positions. The volumetric airflows and pressures are set with a Puff Control System. Operational parameters are selectable and are controlled and monitored through a LabVIEW™ operating platform. Dispersion air is discharged with an EXAIR static neutralizer. Puff volumes are determined using a calibrated 0.318”cm diameter differential pressure orifice meter. Intertracheal pressure is measured using a SETRA model 254 pressure transducer. An automated safety overpressure “kick-out loop” is built into the system.

Recent advances in pharmaceutical powder technologies and scientific interests in bio aerosols have predicated the necessity of efficient laboratory scale aerosol generation devices for research purposes. The slide action powder generator (SAPG) was designed to deliver precise, known qualities of test article directly into the lung with a single breath. The SAPG was tested with bulk pharmaceutical, medicinal vehicle and bacterial powders to determine their mass transfer, mass transfer efficiency and particle size distribution (PSD).

·        Different Dry Powders are generated with different efficiencies by the use of the SAPG.
·        Particle charging during dispersion causes agglomeration resulting in larger aerosol particle sizes than bulk compound.
·        As a result, each material generated with the SAPG must be characterized for size distribution and output efficiency.

Available in a one and two station model.