In-Tox Products (ITP) designs and manufactures nose-only inhalation exposure chambers used in research facilities throughout the world. Our chambers have demonstrated a superior performance that includes a rapid time-to-99% equilibrium concentration (T99), the lowest dead space (a measure of test article mixing) available, and an unmatched port-to-port (spatial) variation. Nose-Only inhalation exposure chambers manufactured by ITP were the first design to incorporate completely compartmentalized inlet and exhaust plenums. This directed flow feature eliminates “shared atmospheres” and minimizes rebreathing. They are recognized for their ability to deliver stable, well mixed test articles directly to the breathing zone of the test system.


Standard nose-only inhalation exposure chamber designs include 6-port to 48-port modular, radial and 12-port to 96-port flat, uni-built models. However, ITP is able to work with our customers to develop customized nose-only inhalation exposure chambers to accommodate their specialized test requirements. Radial models are assembled on a carousel base to facilitate test system loading and unloading. Our chambers are self-contained, sealed against leakage, and designed to be operated at a sub-ambient pressure. Therefore, they are the optimal choice for use with toxic gases, vapors, and aerosols. They have a proven track record for use with pharmaceutical solutions, suspensions, and dry powders, fibers, and biological spores, vegetative cells, and viruses. A variety of test systems including but not limited to rodents, guinea pigs, ferrets, pigeons, and rabbits are easily integrated with our chambers for nose-only inhalation exposure using our innovative Positive Flow-ByTM inhalation exposure restraint tubes.



In-Tox Products nose-only inhalation exposure restraint tubes are fabricated out of heat and chemical resistant LexanTM. They feature our precision machined anodized aluminum Positive Flow-ByTM nose pieces that are specifically designed to integrate with our radial and flat inhalation exposure chambers. 


 Two O-ring seals on the nose pieces engage the inlet and exhaust plenums of the inhalation exposure chamber to isolate and direct the incoming and exhausted gas, vapor, and aerosol streams. A third O-ring seals the Positive Flow-ByTM nose piece and the LexanTM tube. An O-ring sealed cap completes the nose-only inhalation exposure restraint tube and facilitates a leak-proof, closed system. 


Our nose-only inhalation exposure restraint tubes are available in a range of sizes to comfortably accommodate a variety of test systems. When the Positive Flow-ByTM nose pieces are connected to the inhalation exposure chamber, re-breathing of the test article is minimized and “shared atmospheres” are eliminated. 



The In-Tox Products Nose-Only Inhalation Exposure System is a state-of-the-art platform that provides our clientele with a complete plug and play package for their inhalation exposure studies. The system package includes:

  • Nose-Only Inhalation Exposure Chamber
  • Nose-Only Inhalation Exposure Restraint Tubes
  • Aerosol Generation, Conditioning, and Delivery Platform
    • Nebulizer
    • Passive (Demand) HEPA Filter
    • Radial Mixer
    • Quad Track Diffusion Dryer (optional)
  • Aerosol Sampling Platform
    • Cascade Impactor
    • In-Line Filter Holder or Low Flow Rate Impinger
    • Sampling Port Adapters



  • Environmental Monitors
    • Pressure
    • Temperature (optional)
    • O2 Concentration (optional)
    • CO2 Concentration (optional)
    • Real-Time Aerosol Concentration (optional)
  • Dual HEPA Filter Exhaust Platform
  • Analog or digital control system


The system package also includes a complete set of port plugs, high pressure compressed air and vacuum tubing, and fittings.  In-Tox Products has developed strategic relationships with several respected companies to better serve our customers. As such, we are able to offer nose-only inhalation exposure systems that feature additional capabilities including plethysmography, captured exhaled breath, and exposure control. Compressed air and vacuum sources are available upon request.