The In Vitro Exposure System was developed as a result of a collaboration between In-Tox Products, LLC and PneumoDose, LLC. It is a highly configurable platform that is used to expose cell cultures and tissues to gases and vapors, aerosolized bacterial cells and spores, fungi, viruses, fibers, nanoparticles, and chemical test articles. Primary epithelial lung cells may be used to investigate pulmonary host responses. Additionally, dermal and corneal/scleral cell cultures may be used for external tissue exposure simulations.


Novel generation and conditioning technologies facilitate the exposure of primary cell and tissue cultures to ensure that target concentrations and particle size distributions at the air/liquid interface or cellular/tissue level are within specification.

The In Vitro Exposure System may be configured for use with 6-well, 12-well, 24-well, and 96-well plate inserts, as well as multiple sizes of Petri dishes. Insert wells may be exposed individually or in aggregate. Petri dishes may be exposed individually or in sets.